How Leaders Can Foster Growth Through Innovation:

4 Keys To Ignite Your Success

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Innovation. It’s fundamental to the success of a leader to set the tone for the organization. A learning and development culture frees people to experiment – and make some mistakes – on the way to spearheading business breakthroughs.

MindTeam Solutions today is unfurling research it has observed in its business with a whitepaper, “How Growing Together Builds an Innovative Culture,” that points the way for leaders to achieve organizational sustainability and growth through people.

The whitepaper doesn’t just explain what problems organizations are facing. It shines a light on how to solve them – with seven actionable tips that help leaders create collaborative groups that foster innovation.

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  • Innovation is an ongoing process
  • Deep practice of generous listening
  • Team members build on ideas
  • Facilitated participation encourages robust debate
  • Creativity takes time
  • Innovation requires vulnerability
  • Innovation comes from the bottom up


“Josh & Sylvia helped us focus on our most pressing challenges and improve collaboration in order to find much-needed solutions!”

-Dawn Shuler

CEO & Founder

The Shuler Group

“I’ve learned new ways to look at self-care. MindTeam Solutions has definitely helped me stay positive and remain physically and emotionally fit in our current info overload world.”

-Becky Briggs - CEO

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“I appreciate being able to connect with like-minded people who are willing to open up, share feelings, and offer advice on how to stay strong!”

-Dr. Drena Valentine

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Integrative Management Solution, LLC

Meet our Founders

Sylvia Henderson, CEO of MindTeam Solutions

"I help you get focused, implement growth strategies, and take action to build your business and leave your legacy…”

Sylvia is an “idea implementation” expert who moves clients’ ideas out of their hearts & heads and into action for profit and purpose. She works with solo entrepreneurs, business founders, and leaders who have a lot of ideas, heavy loads of responsibility, and teams who need to collaborate.  Henderson brings over 40 years of experience and expertise – from IBM and AOL leadership training to business consulting and ownership – to partner with clients on strategy and implementation involving their people.

Josh Silverstone, COO of MindTeam Solutions

“Everyone has the ability to influence their life’s outcome through focus, goal setting, and decision-making.” 

Josh has an extensive background in business development and helping organizations use effective decision making to grow. Prior to joining MindTeam Solutions, Josh founded Aces Raise and developed the Pokerpreneur® and NVRFOLD programs that use the strategies behind winning at poker to motivate teams and teach them better decision-making and risk-taking skills.

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